The Government of the Federated States of Micronesia began its telecommunications sector reform by means of Public Law 18-52 Telecom Act 2014 amendment. The government intention is to improve the availability and accessibility of modern telecommunications services and it mean to achieve this by establishing a Telecommunication Regulatory Agency (TRA) and Open Access Entity (OAE) and with the support of the World Bank, equip the OAE with submarine cables connecting all four FSM state to high speed submarine optical fiber systems and other assets considered “bottleneck” facilities so that competitive environment can flourish in FSM. Following milestones have been reached to date:

Telecom Act Amendment – 2014

World Bank IDA finance agreement – 2015

Agreement with NEC to design, develop and install submarine cables for Yap and Chuuk – 2016

OAE is established and FSMT Cable Corporation is incorporated – May 2017

The President of the Federated States of Micronesia, H.E. Peter M. Christian and FSM Secretary of the Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructure Lukner Weilbacher attended signing ceremony with Telin Indonesia for Yap connection to SEA-US – May 2017

TRA is established in 2014 and interim CEO is named – June 2017

Cable Vessel completes lays YAP cable – October 2017

Cable Vessel lays Chuuk to Pohnpei Cable (C-P Cable) – October 2017

Chief Executive Officer of FSMT Cable Corporation is named – November 2017