Proposal to Construct Communications Facility in Yap and Invitation for Expressions of Interest in Sharing

Issued in respect to s342 Telecommunications Act of 2014 March 11, 2021


In May last year the FSM Congress approved the National Governments’ $30M Digital FSM Project which included building FTTH infrastructure across each State. For Yap State this was confirmed by the signing of an Implementation Agreement between Yap State and the National Government last December. One of the deliverables of the project is that the OAE is required to build Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Networks to allow reliable and affordable high-speed internet connectivity for all.

OAE has contracted a design firm to prepare the detailed design and construction plans for the build of a fiber to the home network that will make available a fiber connection to all homes and business in the main island of Yap. This will start next month and construction of the main network will start later in the year.

Detailed planning is underway

The services will be built to the standard released on OAE’s website November 2020. The papers released outlined the overall construction process, the service design, and the prices for the proposed wholesale services. The OAE shared those published those documents on its website and shared them the TRA and the industry, further information is available on the OAE website. https://fsmcable.com/2020/11/24/press-release/

The OAE invites any interested parties who have not done so already, to express an interest in sharing the communications facility that OAE plans to build.

As an open wholesale only provider, OAE will offer point to point and point to multi-point dark fiber connectivity to any licensed service provider on the terms published in its November documents1. OAE is not permitted by law to sell services to end customers.

High level plans

The project will operate in two main phases. The first of building the communal network that passes each property and creates the break-outs ready for individual customer connection, and then the connection of each individual premise to the network.

OAE is yet to confirm the location of its FTTH Central Office will be confirmed in the upcoming design work. OAE expects to have one in Colonia, to use the existing CLS as a second and is yet to complete the design criteria for the North of Yap where a third site may be required.


Further information on how the network is proposed to be built, the services offered from that network are available here: https://fsmcable.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/High-level-OAE-overview-for- RSP-2020.pdf


Figure 1 – Proposed high level FTTH coverage in Yap. Routes are indicative, detailed planning will confirm precise route and further extensions to connect homes and villages to the proposed dotted blue line. These extensions are not shown on the map.


Invitation of expressions of Interest to share the proposed communications facility

All enquires or expressions of interest per S. 342 of the Telecommunications Act 2014 should be directed to the Telecommunication Regulation Authority (TRA) info@tra.fm

For further information

Mr. Peter Garamfel, National FTTH Manager, Open Access Entity (OAE) pgaramfel@fsmcable.com