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How is FSMTCC different from FSMTC?

FSMTC is the FSM Telecommunication Corporation, one of the service providers. FSMTCC is the cable company responsible for the deployment and maintenance of the fiber optic cable network.

Will FSMTCC operate the internet?

No. FSMTCC owns the fiber cable network, on behalf of the government, and provides access to this network for approved service providers.

Who is paying for the fiber optic cable developments?

The World Bank has provided nearly all of the money required for the establishment of the undersea fiber optic network to Chuuk and Yap, and will provide the money for the fiber-to-the-home network still to be deployed in all four states.

Will fiber optic cable improve the mobile phone service?

Yes. Access to the undersea fiber optic network gives service providers with a faster, more reliable international connection than does the current satellite technology.

When will we get fiber-to-the home?

A plan is currently underway to work out the best methods of delivering fiber optic to homes, businesses, schools and government offices. This website will be the best place to check on updates for this.

When will Kosrae be connected to the fiber optic cable?

Tenders are currently being called for overseas companies to connect Kosrae to the undersea fiber optic cable. This will enable the people on Kosrae to enjoy much faster, more reliable internet than they do currently.

Will a new service provider offer lower costs?

Other telecom service providers are currently tendering for the ability to offer internet and telecom services in FSM. It is expected that new players will compete with one another by offering new services, more competitive costs and better customer service. This is what has happened in other countries where competition has been introduced in the telecommunications sector. It is expected that costs should come down.

With a faster internet service, how can I keep my children from using it too much?

Parents and schools have the responsibility to monitor and limit the amount of online activity their children do. They also have the responsibility to ensure that their children are protected from visiting online sites that are inappropriate or harmful. Local computer companies can help you by installing online filters or blocking certain sites in your home.


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